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With many organizations such as ours operating on a lean HR staff, it is a relief to know that I have Focus Relocation to take care of our relocation needs. Having moved several new and current employees, they consistently tell me that this move has been the best, easiest and most organized. The program is cost-efficient and pays for itself. —Vice President of Human Resources for national healthcare company and Focus Relocation client.

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Outsourcing Your Relocation Needs...

...experts handling all your Relocation needs — allowing you to concentrate on other business issues.

It's a question facing many companies today: "How can we do more with fewer people?"

Relocation is a function affected by an organization's stage of growth, company restructuring or other changes. Often the person handling relocation already has an overflowing plate of responsibilities. Then, they're asked to do just one more thing: Relocation.

Focus Relocation recognizes the needs of today's evolving corporations and offers solutions in the form of outsourcing. While you concentrate on your business, Focus handles your entire relocation function, structured in a way that works just for you. From policy development to coordinating household goods shipments, our strategies and services are delivered with the highest levels of expertise and concern for your employees.

At Focus, we're always looking for new ways to maximize your relocation efforts and your employee's satisfaction. Outsourcing could be just the way to accomplish both — without disrupting your business focus.