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Our Clients and Customers Love Our Services

The professionals at Focus Relocation have excelled as business partners. The Focus Relocation team is responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive, even in the most complex and challenging situations. They have helped manage our cost, helped us to establish competitive and comprehensive relocation programs and have taken the burden of managing transferees off our hands. The feedback from our transferees has been consistently positive. We highly recommend Focus Relocation.
Vice President, Human Resources
I have an extensive line of sight and work experience with the leadership and team members of Focus Relocation that spans at least 10 years. I have enjoyed many successful experiences with this team. During a recent group move, we were very intentional in our selection of the Focus Relocation team because we were driving to achieve far more than just transitioning people from one city to another. We envisioned and required a personal touch for each selected leader and their family. As part of our team, Focus Relocation assisted us in engaging each leader with thoughtfulness and skill. Their network provided a personal approach for each family. This provided our business with the opportunity to focus our employees on business matters, all the while knowing that the intricacies of relocation were smoothly moving forward in the background, devoid of high emotionalism. Parenthetically, most of these individuals had previously relocated multiple times in their careers. It was common for me to receive high praise for the work of the Focus Relocation team.
Human Resources Executive
We have utilized Focus Relocation for over 5 years. They are professional and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of relocation. In addition, they have the ability to effectively communicate with our employees, even when it involves a difficult discussion. They always deliver on their promises and routinely exceed our expectations. I highly recommend them.
Manager, General Affairs
With many organizations such as ours operating on a lean HR staff, it is a relief to know that I have Focus Relocation to take care of our relocation needs. Having moved several new and current employees, they consistently tell me that this move has been the best, easiest and most organized. The program is cost-efficient and pays for itself.
Vice President of Human Resources
Focus Relocation was just who we needed to help us relocate our CFO from Michigan to TN. Not only were they thorough with every step of the process for our employee, they kept me in the loop of any question or next step so that I would be thoroughly educated and up to date on this move. As a result of our relationship with Focus, we now have a relocation policy, and are totally ready to support our next relocation. Focus demonstrated a real commitment to service, integrity, and best in class relocation services. I highly recommend this team!
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
I think I would have strangled myself without you helping me and giving me a good chuckle along the way… sharing your time and your stories kept me grounded and grateful.
You were the best part of this relocation; I’m literally crying as I write this because I’m so grateful for all your help.
Moving here was incredibly stressful in between working and moving, getting my mom squared away- shipping my car here and so many other things. I literally gained 15 pounds doing all of this and sometimes my only bright part of my day was you.
YOU ARE SO SPECIAL AND SO TALENTED AT RELOCATING PEOPLE. You set me up for success here. I will figure out how to FedEx a cheesecake to you, I promise… only if you share with your pup too!
I don’t know how to thank you or even articulate how much you’ve meant to me throughout this process.
Honestly and most sincerely I love you and all you’ve done for Max and I. I must’ve changed my plan like 6-200 times and each time you gave me a solution or an idea. Working with celebrities like me is tough but you’re tougher and I appreciate you more than you will ever know.
I’m certain I’ve skipped words -Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!